MijnDansFeest hosts exclusive dance parties and dance workshops for children and teenagers aged from 6 to 12. Next to safety and having fun, quality and customization play an important role in the organization of our parties.


By customization MijnDansFeest means that there will be an interview with the client, where we will discuss all possible options and come to an agreement. MijnDansFeest will then draw up a plan which will be discussed with the one whose birthday it is.


By quality MijnDansFeest means that we try our best to get the most out of the previously discussed budget. This includes the dance instructors (with a bachelor degree), luxury birthday cakes, professional photography and make-up, or the dance studios.


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Make Up

If you want, we can make you look like a real star, so you will look great on your own dance party.


We can add a theme of your choice to the dance party. You will even receive a stylish cake!


What could be better than being a movie star on your own party… In addition, you can see the video of your party again and again.


Dance Parties

The dance parties of MijnDansFeest are solely given by dance teachers with a bachelor degree or higher education. Every dance party has to be unique. Everything is possible and tailored to the wishes of the person whose birthday it is: the music selection, dance style, guest dancers from various TV programs including So You Think You Can Dance and The Ultimate Dance Battle, the location, birthday cake, music video, make-up and more.


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Kids Corners

A wedding, business party, or maybe a networking event; you do not want to miss it! Would you like to spend time with the guests, but have no babysitter? Choose for a Kids Corner so all the kids can be safe, at the event, and have fun. This way you can have peace of mind as a parent.


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See my Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Jennifer Boldewijn

My name is Jennifer Boldewijn. I have been working on my dance and movement skills since I was a child. From my 17th I was sure I wanted to be a dancer and dance on big events. On the advice of friends I signed up for the best dance university in Amsterdam – Dance Academy Lucia Marthas. I quickly moved on to the selection and eventually audited for higher professional education. In 2000 I graduated in executive dance and as a dance teacher.


After graduating I started my dance career with a theater tour at Hans Klok. After touring for 1.5 years I became a freelance dancer for national and international artist including: Ruth Jacott, Rene Froger, Gerard Joling, Gordon, Belle Perez, 2 Brothers on the 4th Floor and Enricque Iglesias. In addition I have danced in TV shows like Idols, X-factor, Miljoenenjacht, Ik hou van Holland and at events like Sensation and Toppers.


Next to my career as professional dancer I have always loved teaching young dancers. At MijnDansFeest I can do all the things I like: choreographing (designing a dance) and passing on my experiences.



Wij hebben de 10de verjaardag van onze dochter gevierd met Mijndansfeest. Jennifer had een superleuke choreografie genmaakt op een nummer dat onze dochter had uitgekozen. Ze had een studio gehuurd met een spiegelwand waarin de meiden zichzelf konden zien dansen. Jennifer werkte met veel plezier en energie met de meisjes en er was een goede balans tussen nieuwe dingen leren en lol. Helemaal goed!

Joost Willemsen

Superleuk! Jennifer en haar meiden hebben mijn dochter de dag van haar leven bezorgd. Beau werd 9 jaar en wilde perse een dansfeestje…. Nog steeds (3 weken na dato) is dit te leuke kinderfeestje bij ons thuis het gesprek van de dag! Beau heeft het al over volgend jaar. AANRADER!!!


Ik heb een heel leuk verjaardagsfeestje gehad, het dansen was leuk en de taart lekker

Iris de Hoop

Ebby heeft erg genoten van haar feestje. Super geregeld Jennifer, als we Ebby moeten geloven zien we elkaar volgend jaar weer!

Ebby Volburg

Ik heb een geweldig dansfeestje gehad. Vooral de dansles van mevrouw Boldewijn was erg leuk!

Janice Tevree

Amsterdam, 8 jaar

Hoe leuk was het, toen onze dochter 1 werd, dat de kids werden vermaakt door de kanjers van Mijndansfeest!!! Nog geen echt dansfeest maar een prachtige knutselhoek was er samengesteld, er werd gezongen, de taart werd aangesneden en alle kinderen hadden het reuze naar hun zin! Mijn dochter kreeg een door hen allen versierde verjaardagsslinger mee naar huis! Iedereen vond het geweldig en de dag werd afgesloten met een goodiebagje voor alle kids! Papa’s en mama’s ook blij, want die konden heerlijk met elkaar kletsen!



More Options


MijnDansFeest would love to show you the most beautiful and professional dance studios throughout the Netherlands.


We can arrange anything for you, including: a high-quality ballet studio with a sprung floor, barre, mirror wall, sound system, bar, dressing rooms with toilets and showers or a beautiful outdoor location in a park, on a beach or at a square.


The dance studios that MDF works with cost 25 euro an hour or more. During the interview we will discuss the possibilities. In consultation with the one whose party it is we will look for the most suitable dance location in the neighborhood that is in line with the chosen theme and the age of the participants.


Ideas for your own dance location are welcome as well!


Do you want to invite famous dancers to your party? MDF has the option to get a workshop from one of the male or female dancers from So You Think You Can Dance for true dance fans and the ones that follow this popular TV show.


The children will learn special dance moves so they can dance in the ‘grand finale’ or be part of the music video of the dance party. The MDF dance teacher or guest dancer always has a bachelor degree in dance. Because of our good contacts throughout the Dutch dance scene, we can give you advice about which dance fits the best in the chosen theme.


Additionally, we will let you know what the possibilities (extra costs and availability) of the guest dancer that your child proposed are as fast as possible.

Party for adults? Party corner for the kids!


A wedding, business party, or maybe a networking event; you do not want to miss it! Would you like to spend time with the guests, but have no babysitter? Choose for a Kids Corner so all the kids can be safe, at the event, and have fun. This way you can have peace of mind as a parent. Choose for the Kids Corner! Suitable for all children up to sixteen and possible on every location. We provide entertainment; that could be for an hour or a whole day. This is a sound solution for a carefree party!


It is very simple; a part of the house or room is used to keep the youngsters busy. Not by a strict teacher, but a creative person. Does the party have a theme? Then we will effortlessly adapt our games, crafts and dance to it. Many different ages and interests? Then we will divide the group so that everyone has a good time; we have several qualified activity leaders to run the Kids Corner. Everything is tailored to your needs, because we know that every occasion, family and location is unique. Leave the entertainment of the young visitors to a professional, and we will make sure it will be original.


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What is cooler than a capture of your own MijnDansFeest party in the form of a photobook or music video?


The whole dance party will be captured in style by a professional photographer of MijnDansFeest. Besides the action shots the children will be photographed individually as well as in a stylish, funny and spontaneous way. There will be extra attention for the one who hosts the party!


Every partygoer will receive his or her favorite photos afterwards (sent home.)


In addition to images we also provide a complete movie of video clips of our dance parties. MijnDansFeest cooperates with talented students from the film academy in Amsterdam for quite some time now. These students will edit the movie to make it even better.


This option is highly recommended. It is fun for later and the ones that stayed home will be jealous for sure.



Let us transform you into a professional dancer or musical star. Learn to pose for the media and pose for an unforgettable group picture with all your friends after our cosmeticians have done your make-up.


Before and between learning choreography the make-up of the children will be done and they will receive useful tips as of how to clean their face and how to accentuate the strong sides of their face and also how to camouflage the less beautiful parts.


MDFs cosmeticians have extensive knowledge of make-up on children. They will ensure that everyone will feel pretty.


An MDF cosmetician for 12 children costs 150 euro.



The famous MijnDansFeest birthday party cakes are created by artists that invent, bake and create delicacies.


Our cakes are designed and made with passion. The cakes are prepared with fresh ingredients and will taste even better than they look. Every MijnDansFeest party cake or cupcake is handmade. There are multiple flavors available: Bavarian cream, Swiss cream, pastry cream, chipolata or strawberry (and also cakes for children with an allergy.) It is also possible to carry out your own ideas and we will make sure you receive an exclusive cake.


In addition to birthday cakes we design and provide you with diverse savory snacks and other treats.


MijnDansFeest is the right address for snacks and drinks!



Surprise the kids with a super deluxe MijnDansFeest goody bag.


What is more fun than going home with a goody bag filled with mementos of your dance party? At the end of the party every child will receive a bag with fun, custom selected MijnDansFeest products.


Our goody bags will be a guaranteed success, because they contain premium brand (quality) goods that are aligned with the dance theme and age of the kids. Your children will be more than happy with our goody bags.


MijnDansFeest has four different options:


  1. Goody bag street dance (€ 10.00 per child)
  2. Goody bag modern (€ 15.00 per child)
  3. Goody bag classic (€ 20.00 per child – in deluxe carrying bag)
  4. Goody bag solo


It is also possible to put a goody bag together yourself. MijnDansFeest makes sure that every dancer receives a gift at the end of the party, which they can bring home.



Jennifer Boldewijn
Kinderdijkstraat 79
1079 GE Amsterdam

phone: +31 (0)6 28 65 34 15
e-mail: info@mijndansfeest.nl
web: www.mijndansfeest.nl

Chamber of commerce: 34346737



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